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Monday, August 15, 2011

Justin Bieber Acne? Justin Bieber has such Beautiful Skin? Secret?No Pimples?

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Justin Bieber never seems to have any pimples on his face at all, even when he was a kid when he first became famous or now when he is past his puberty age and has had the sudden growth spurt.Usually during Puberty Teens get a lot of Pimples but in Justin Bieber's case it does not seem like he has had any acne or Zits at all.

Justin Bieber has such Beautiful skin, this is what they mean when they say "sweet sixteen", it all goes downhill from here.

But Justin Bieber seems to have maintained his skin very well, surely there must be some secrets? Lets Find out.

Justin Bieber is known to keep his skin and hands very clean, this decreases the chance of getting pimples as clean Skin and Face means a healthy skin and face without any Acne or Pimples.

Also Celebrities such as Justin Bieber take a lot of care of their Faces with professional Care as well as a lot of Facial Beauty Creams, which also helps keep a fair complexion.

Justin Bieber is also a Short celebrity.

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